He met her online and they are madly in love

We met online, she stunned the platform
with her sexy body, her face glows like the sun, yet I couldn’t stop looking and admiring her beautiful pictures.

Her eyes are as white as the snow and are so charming
And her smile is so lovely that it can resurrect a dead man.
I was so lucky to know her better that
she’s not only beautiful outside but inside-out.

She cares like a mother,
Who’ll do anything to make sure that her child is okay physically, emotionally and spiritually.

She’s loving like a wife,
Who will go an extra mile to prove her love for her husband.
She’s understanding, sweet, respectful, have a good sense of humor and above all she’s is God-fearing.

A day without hearing from her feels like been quarantined alone without phone and electricity; I feel incomplete.

Though, we are far in distance from each other.
But I can assure you that you not far from my heart.
You’re right inside here dear.

I love you so much and I wish to be by your side every day.
Where I will wake up to see your beautiful face and body lying beside me.

I love you girlfriend.

Source: Carlos

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