Ungrateful Stonebwoy Has Blocked Me; Sadick Assah laments.

Sadick with then underground musician, Stonebwoy. (Picture: Sadick Assah official Facebook page)

Ungratefulness is worse than witchcraft, as most people will greatly testify to that in this world. A number of people, groups, partners, friends, lovers etc. will always lament showing how ungrateful their relatives, counterparts, other halves etc. have been towards them. Paying back someone positively for their good deeds done to you moments back is always going to strengthen and tighten the bond between people.

Sadick Assah, a music promoter in Ghana, has taken to his Facebook page how he helped Stonebwoy during his days as an underground musician where most people in the music industry were shy to walk with him (Stonebwoy) due to his disability.

Mr. Assah alleged that this same Stonebwoy he helped years back in his music career, has paid him back by blocking him all because he (Sadick Assah) asked him (Stonebwoy) to do free feature for his (Sadick Assah) Tarkoradi guys AYA. It is believed that Sadick Assah in a dialogue with Stonebwoy, shoute at him which then caused Stonebwoy’s reaction of blocking Mr. Assah till date.

In his Facebook post, Sadick Assah wrote that:

“When there was no Bhim Nation, no blogger, most of you were shy to walk with him cos of his disability.

At this time he was doing features for 50ghc and even with that I have to lobby and convince people to get him featured.

He had no even phone , he picks pen and paper to take numbers. He wrote my number on paper and use peoples phone to cal me when he want to reach me.

I remember the last feature with old soldier 50ghc even with that he wanted to share with me and I told him no. Someone Tag him.

l’m proud of him still. Stonebwoy dont talk to me anymore becauseI wanted him to do a free feature for my tadi guys AYA and he says I shouted at him, I want to control him. There noor he blocked me till date”

Mr. Assah’s Facebook post (Picture: Sadick Assah official Facebook page).

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