[WATCH VIDEO]- 27 times James Gardiner used “Amazing” at the VGMA

One of the Ghanaian finest actor James Gardiner who got the nickname “Mr Amazing” after he used “Amazing” over 25 times to compliment guests at the just ended VGMA has made it know that he goofed at the red carpet.

Speaking to Abeiku Santana on UTV’s Atuu’s show monitored by, James Gardiner repeatedly denied the allegation that it wasn’t 27 times he used “Amazing” but it was edited and we can use it as just for laughs.

“I don’t want to really explain so much about it for it to look like I’m really bordered about it but I saw it as funny. Assessing myself on that night, I did an ‘Amazing’ job.”

James reacted to the video in the interview.

“I over used the word Amazing but me delivery and interaction with the guests and everything else was on point; but it is one of those things.”

He additionally explained.

The finest actor speaking on the growth and expansion of the Entertainment industry, James made it known that the entertainment industry is not progressing due to the fact that there is not adequate support from the government and various investors.

James Gardiner urged on all stakeholders and players in the industry to learn to support each other especially those operating individual productions.


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