10 Everyday Items With Hidden Features You Didn’t Know Their Purposes.

We use so many items on a daily basis having less knowledge about them or even without knowing that we have been using them the wrongly. When used the right way, these items will easily solve all those little issues that we used to or still face.

Below are reasons why some everyday items are designed the way they are.

1. The role of the small hole next to smartphone camera.

I guess you have ever wondered the essence of the small hole right by the camera lens of your smartphone.
Realistically, it is a microphone. Almost every smartphone has three microphones; one on the bottom edge of the phone, one under the speaker grill, and one next to the camera lens.

2. The right way to wear earpieces.

Earpieces can go straight up and down the ear. Most people do wear them the wrong way. Earpieces are supposed to be above the ear, with the round part facing towards the ground. Wearing them this way prevents the earpieces from slipping.

3. The importance of cylinder at the end of cable cord.

Have you ever noticed a big cylinderical shaped lump at the end of your laptop cable cord? Do you know what purpose it serves?
This cylindrical shaped lump helps prevent any electromagnetic interference. For instance, there is electromagnetic interference which you get when your cell phone gets close to a speaker and you start hearing weird noises in your call.

4. Why is there a loop at the back of collared shirt?

Most collared shirt have a loop at the back. We all need to thank the Navy for it as men in the Navy had loops at the back of their shirts so that they could easily hang them on hooks.
After that in the 60s, it became common among college students to prevent their shirts from wrinkles. Now, the loop is used as a sign of quality and class.

5. Why place small buttons so randomly on jeans?

Anyone who wears jeans most probably noticed all the extra buttons on their pants, mostly around the pockets.
These are actually button rivets which are strategic spots to ensure the jeans don’t get rip or wear out. It was the idea of legendary Levi Strauss and he owns the patent to the rivets.

6. Secret underwear pocket.

Most women’s underwear are made with secret pockets. The purpose of the secret pocket is to fit tampons or other small items.

7. The purpose of extra holes in sneakers.

You must have noticed some extra holes at the top of your shoes and wondered what their purpose is. Well, if you are prone to blisters then theses extra holes make you tie your shoes a much tighter.
Simply place the shoelaces in the extra holes so that you can create a loop on each side. It will give you a tighter lock as compared to what you achieve by tying your shoes normally.

8. The tab of a canned drinks.

If you have not opened a canned drink before, either you are strictly against excess sugar consumption or you live in a cave.
If you have, then you may have noticed there is a tab at the top of the can. Well, not many people know it that flipping the tab makes it a small straw holder.

9. The purpose of disc under bottle cap.

There is a very low probability that you have never wondered why there is a little plastic disc under the cap of a bottle. It may seem unnecessary, but it is there to help with carbonation by trapping trap the carbon dioxide inside the bottle in order to make you enjoy the fizz in the drink.

10. The hole in a cap of ballpoint pen.

If you have a critical look at your ballpoint pen, you will notice that there is a small hole in the cap of a ballpoint pen. Given that ballpoint pens dry out if they are kept without their cap on for too long, a hole in the cap kills the purpose, right?
Well, it is there to save one’s life if someone accidently swallows the cap. Some kids and even adults have a bad habit of putting pen caps in their mouths and the hole is there so that air can flow through without major complications.


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