I Intentionally Infected 324 Men With HIV/AIDS -Female Student Boldly Reveals

A female student has admitted she intentionally contaminated 324 individuals with HIV.

The young lady, 19, whose name is obscure, says she has set her objective for at any rate 2,000 men acting in vengeance after she was contaminated by a man at a gathering.

The young lady reached on Facebook and asserted she had something to admit.

“Sep 22nd 2013 is a day I”ll always remember, we went clubbing around and become inebriated for certain senior understudies at that point returned inns for party round 2″. She at that point clarified that when she woke up, the following morning, she understood a kid called Javan had intercourse with her while she was tanked. “I possibly inquired as to whether he utilized a condom and he said indeed, anyway when washing up I saw sperms down there, I needed to end it all, I dreaded getting pregnant and HIV.”

Below is her post as scooped by frichynews for our cherished readers….

At the point when she found she was HIV positive, the young lady faced Javan who insisted he was spotless.

“I was so discouraged and took liquor to bite the dust, I even purchased poison, the torment was simply excruciating how could I be gone face the world, I let my folks down, I abandoned the world and simply needed to take my life. My future had been demolished, by one way or another somebody needed to pay,” the young lady said. “I acknowledged my destiny and vowed to make all men I run over endure, I know I’m appealing and men both wedded and unmarried pursue me left right and focus. “I covered the great young lady in me and turned into the miscreant, my objective was to contaminate whatever number as could be expected under the circumstances,” she clarified.

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