Police Releases ‘Scary’ Pictures Of Shrine Where Two Kasoa Boys Wanted To Go For Sakawa

The Ghana Police Service has released some scary pictures of the shrine; where the two Kasoa Sakawa boys visited for money rituals.

The pictures were handed over to Angel TV News team for Broadcasting. It had some scary images. 
One of the pictures of the shrine depicted marine spirit; popularly known as ‘Maame Water’ with snakes on her head.

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Others also showed traditional African libation pouring. Kwadwo Dickson of Angel TV further added that, some two people have already been arrested. 

Nonetheless, the pictures were shown to the general public to create awareness and to say no to Sakawa or blood money.

Pictures of the fetish priestess and her team would also be publicized after identification parade has been done.

The Kasoa Sakawa Murder Case has become popular due to the age range of the perpetrators and that of the victim ishmael

Take a look at some of the pictures below:

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