How do I tell my bestie I have impregnated his wife?

I have enjoyed a very good and successful marriage after marrying the love of my love Efe. Efe was the best girl I ever dated and the fact still remains that no matter what, she will still be the best woman in my life.

As I write this piece, I am so ashamed of myself. Of course, I have not only stolen someone’s wife, but I have hijacked the happiness of my best friend.

Justice and his wife, Konama had been married for eight years, but as it stands though Konama is now pregnant, the baby cannot be said to be that of my bestie, Justice.

Konama and I worked at the same office and because of our closeness that is between her husband and myself including my wife as well. My wife happens to be related to Konama since they are cousins.

It happened that 12 years ago, Justice and I had an accident, but I had a major injury with my left shoulder, but he went quite unharmed. Interestingly, it seemed his situation was just below being unharmed. His fertility was nearly affected because of the precarious situation he found himself.

He has lived with this situation for quite some time now. Recently, Konama and Justice are beginning to have some marital issues. His medical condition began to get worse, hence sex isn’t his thing again. He only pretends to do so because he loves Konama and wouldn’t want her to go, but the truth is Konama knows very little about the situation.

A few months ago, I noticed she was usually absent-minded. The very attentive, careful to details, Konama had become the very forgetful very normal and casual lady at the office. As a brother, as she calls me often, I decided to enquire the reason why she had become so different. Initially, I made my wife engage her in a very hearty conversation, but nothing beneficial came out of it.

As a result, I also decided to give it a try by giving her a bit more attention than I used to give her before she married my best friend. So gradually she would be quite hesitant when I tried to give her that attention, till she finally gave in one day. I was at the lobby during break time with the guys when she sent me a WhatsApp message requesting for my presence.

I attended to her and got to her office where she was all alone. Truth be told, her face was far from joyful, it seemed as if she had received a bad phone call or in a better sense, she had lost someone so precious. When I entered her office, she made me sit down and before she could speak one word, tears filled her beautiful cheeks.

“Bro…” she passionately called me while she struggled with her emotions. I thus replied, “Sis.. what’s wrong?” She couldn’t answer the tears had overshadowed her and before I realized she had burst into full gear tears destroying her make up. Knowing we are in the office I asked if we could talk about it after work. She agreed and I did my best to console her.

After work, I forgot myself and I was heading towards my car when I heard her soft voice purr me up in my ears. I turned and it was her. The office space was just for the two of us that night. She poured her heart out in my car. Once again, tears flowed and in an attempt to console her, her make up got wet and this time it got stuck in my dress. I didn’t notice it.

“Would you take me home?” she requested of me. However, I was a bit reluctant, because I didn’t want to create any impression in her mind and create doubt in the mind of Justice, even though on a normal day it would never come to his mind. I just wanted to play safe.

“Should I call Kwame (as she calls him) to come pick you up”.

She shook her head.

“What’s wrong? Are you having some challenges?”

She repeated the same thing, shaking her head. I got bewildered and pulled my phone to call him. Good for me, it didn’t go through. I was quite careful. I declined her offer and went home straight into the arms of my lovely wife. That night we made exceptional love she even forgot her own name. In my mind, this was to cover my little guilt.

While my wife slept like a baby after a good three rounds of sex, I turned on my data to check my bet scores to see if I had won, because the odds were great. When I turned on the phone, my WhatsApp messages started popping up. Konama had sent me about 40 WhatsApp messages, explaining her state as a lonely wife.

Apparently, Justice had travelled for a seminar and only called to tell her he would be away for three weeks. I only replied, “We will talk more at the office”. The next morning came and my wife wanted to treat me special as a thank you for my good sex. Interestingly, her car had also developed a fault. So she drove me to the office and kissed me before I exited from the car.

Konama was standing in the distance observing everything we did in the car. I went to my office straight todo my work. Upon reaching my office, she sent me a message, “how I wish K, would do the same for me”. I just smiled over the message and started with my work. She called me requesting we did lunch together, so we could talk as I promised. I also gave in so I could chat and go home early that day.

It was time for lunch, as I sat in her car, my wife also drove to the office to give me a surprise lunch. Upon reaching there, she saw me in her car. She got out looking cool, without any malice. Konama also saw her and asked I get out. When I got out of the car, my wife just went pass me to hug Konama. She teasingly asked.

“Where are you guys going to have your lunch? I was shocked and the awkwardness on my face gave the intentions away. She was quick to add. I

“I want to steal your husband small for work. Remember we agreed that when Junior is at work he is mine and he gets home he is yours” and they both burst into genuine laughter like sisters would do. She then kissed me goodbye and asked that she’d take good care of me since I am the only property she can’t share. They all laughed once more and she also requested that she also brought me home because she was going to be very late as a result of an emergency at work.

She didn’t know how happy that made Konama. So we had our lunch where Konama told me all her suffering and how for a short while, Justice had been treating her, making her feel less of a woman.

That didn’t end it. It was a regular activity even though my wife didn’t know and never cared about it because growing up, she knew Konama was very harmless and God-fearing so there was no fear. The other way round would have been a problem because Efe is more vicious and volatile than Konama.

Gradually, we became close to each other and she invited me home one day when my wife had also travelled for a two-day seminar in the North. That night, we had too much to drink and before I realized I was in her arms and ended up on her sheets. I had just finished with the third round and we all fell deep asleep in the hall.

Justice had copies of his keys and didn’t bother knocking. Upon entering the house, the dog barked heavily and I had to wake up because the noise was too much. When I woke up, I saw the doorknob creaking and the doorknob rattling against each other. It was at this time that I started sweating profusely as he finally opened the door and…

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