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Grand P accused of cheating; Eudoxie quits relationship

The celebrity couple who became famous for the vast difference in their sizes has reportedly broken up after Eudoxie called off the relationship and accused Grand P of cheating.

Ivorian Model Eudoxie shared the news on her Instagram page yesterday with a saucy pic. The caption reads, “Mes bb je suis officiellement célibataire mais pas un cœur à prendre. Je vais me concentrer sur Ma musique. bon week-end à vous.” This translates to mean My babies, I am officially single but not a heart to take. I’m going to focus on My music. Good weekend to you.’

Their controversial relationship received mixed reactions from fans as many concluded that the curvaceous Eudoxie was using the Guinean businessman cum musician for his money.

Unfortunately, Moussa Sandiana Kaba, aka Grand P, was born with a growth deficiency, progeria. Progeria, is also known as Hutchinson-Gilford, is a rare genetic condition that causes a child’s body to age very fast. According to research, this condition affects 1 in every 4 million births worldwide.


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