Checkout What These SHS Students Were Doing After Class

In recent times, the situation has heightened and if care is no longer taken, our SHS will proceed to experience these terrible behaviours. Many of these deviant behaviours should be traced back to severa reasons.

A viral pictures and video have been circulating online. Videos of two male students and one female doing unthinkable things and provocative things has received attention from many people after their pictures and video went viral on the social media.

Many netizens have been questioning whether we need to blame the teachers or their parents for the acts they engaged themselves in the video. There are no more children in high school level of education because these SHS students are extra spoilt than those even in the tertiary level. The name of the school is not yet to identify.

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Instead of these three college students to sit down and study their books they were captured sm0oching and f0ndling each other in seductive way. Nobody knows how their images and the videos surface the internet. Social media users reacts negatively toward the video.

Who is to be blame for their act? Many people have been bashing their mother and father for permitting them to misbehave in house which have led them to do these things.

These are some the screenshot of the video;

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