Are We Safe: CCTV Video Of Broad Daylight Robbery Leaves Ghanaians Terrified -Watch Video

Day in day out, we have been hearing about robberies in our country. The security services have been trying their best to bring it to a stop. But it seems cases of that nature keep popping up.

With the help of a CCTV camera, a robbery was recorded. In this video, a man was sitting by the roadside having a rest. During that period, he was having fun with his mobile phone as a pleasure to himself.

Whiles using the phone, a man passed by as if he was going a different way. But to his attention, there was a gun pointing right at his nose.

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A voice followed, telling him to bring the mobile phone he was holding. He initially tried to resist the action. But he gave in after seeing the gun. He had no choice than to let him go with it.

As the robber leaves, a motorbike arrived and went away with the armed robber.

This is the armed robbery caught on CCTV camera.

Watch the video below.

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