Man Vomits After He Was Forced To Consume A Friend’s Drink He Caught Poisoning [Watch Video]

Another viral video has surface on the social media once again and this really clarify the elders saying that goes; “S3 aboa bi b3ka wo a, na )fre wo ntoma mu” as a young man was caught poisoning the drink of his own friend. Before we get in the matter to watch the video as well, please subscribe to to get in touch on more trending stories coming your way.

Do not put so much trust in any human being or if possible, trust no man on this earth especially your so-called friends who are very close to you as what most of these friends all they think is another man’s downfall. Some even go to the extent of trying to eliminate you from this earth.

Mdk Banahene has sighted on a particular viral video making rounds on social media especially on Instagram and in this video, a young man was allegedly caught poisoning his friend’s drink.

According to reports gathered by Mdk Banahene, the young man after being caught by some concern friends at the pub forcefully made the wicked friend consume the drink he poisoned himself after denying he did not poison it. But after sipping just a little of the drink started to vomit it out begging for mercy. Infact, they really dealt with him.

Watch The Full Video Here

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