[Video]–Pure Wickedness! See How Lady Disfigured Her fellow Woman With Acid For Dating Her Boyfriend

People are really heartless, video of a lady has surfaced online after she was attacked by another lady who alleged that she was dating her boyfriend.

In Nigeria today, many ladies do not go into relationship because of love but what instead they venture into relationship because of what they will gain, and making relationship look like a business thing, making them to date fraudsters popularly known as Yahoo guys because they want to live a lavish lifestyle. Things like this makes most guys to toy with many ladies’ heart making them to believe that all ladies are the same.

Ladies in the other hand will do anything just to secure their relationship as far as they are gaining from it. Currently, a video has stirred up reactions on social media after a lady poured her fellow lady acid during a quarrel all because of a man.

According to the video which was share by warri aproko updates, two ladies (one on white blouse and short, and the other on black armless and a short too) were seen exchanging words over a man. The lady on white who is the main chick came to the house of the lady on black who is the side chick to warn her to stay clear off her boyfriend.

However, things didn’ t go well as the side chick did not show remorse but instead agured with the main chick which triggered the anger of the lady on white, and she poured acid on her boyfriend’ s side chick’ s body.

This is so disheartening, no matter how angry the lady on white is, it doesn’ t give her the audacity to pour acid and disfigure her fellow lady. Ladies, be careful about the kind of relationship you venture into, nobody knows if the guy lied to the victim (the side chick) that he does not have a girlfriend.

See Reactions Below;

Although, more investigation are being carried out, while the victim is seriously in pain. I repeat ladies should be careful about their relationship.

Watch Video Below;

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