SAD VIDEO: ‘Mona Mobl3’ Back To Default Setting After Kofi TV Allegedly Dumps Him

A sad video of Ghana’s celebrity madman ‘Mona Mobl3’ who is now back on the streets after being dumped by Kofi TV has set the internet ablaze.

Kofi Ampofo, a popular Ghanaian crazy, used to be a maniac roving the streets of Accra. He became well-known for his slogan “Mona Mobl3.”

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Following the madman’s viral success, Ghanaian journalist and YouTuber Kofi Adoma of Angel FM and Kofi Tv fame took it upon himself to turn him into a lovely gentleman so that he could be useful to society.

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As a result, Kofi Adoma and his Kofi TV team informed Ghanaians on social media that they had taken Mona Mobl3 to a psychiatric institution for treatment, as evidenced by the following photos.

As an outcome, netizens have reacted positively to the photographs that have leaked on the internet. To some, money is valuable because it has the ability to bring out the best in people.

However, in a recent video spotted by, Mona Mobl3’s behavior did not appear encouraging or hopeful, prompting critical thinking netizens to wonder if Kofi Adoma had completely neglected him after utilizing him to cash out on YouTube via a series of interviews.

Remember that Kofi Adoma has not mentioned Mona Mobl3 in a long time, as any devoted Kofi TV fan can confirm, unlike when Mona Mobl3 went viral.

According to records, Kofi Adoma, the host of Kofi Tv, visited Mona Mobl3’s home in the Eastern area to do multiple live interviews with Mona Mobl3’s father, aunties, neighbors, and passersby.

Watch the video below

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