[Watch Video]– IGP Dampare Will Be Poisoned Coming Christmas – UK-Based Reverend Drops Prophecy

From acting Inspector General of Police to IGP George Akuffo Dampare, he is noted to be doing a great job in the country country and for that matter, has now become a threat to some citizens in the country because of the enforcement he has brought in the Ghana Police Service as some people now claim the system is working on the part of the Police Force. But let’s not forget that this is Africa, same people who will be praising you today might turn against you tomorrow.

Well, we all know the back and forth in this country concerning doom prophecies which recently made the IGP met with the various religious bodies concerning doom prophecies they give out without any evidence which always causes fear and panic as he urged them to stop.

“The law is against false publication thereby if you make your prophesy publicly without any evidence then you’ve breached the law and the law will deal with you,” Alexander Kweku Obeng, Director of Public Affairs at the Ghana Police Servic noted.

It seems all those warnings didn’t deter one London-based Ghanaian Prophet called Reverend Evans, who has caused a stir on social media after he was spotted in a video dropping some doom prophecies on the Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare.

The viral video sighted by myfrichy.com on Instagram sees the man who identified himself as Reverend Evans saying that the good works of Dampare will be his own bane. He claims to have seen the IGP having a meal in the spiritual realms at a Christmas dinner and acccording to him, Dampare later transitioned to the spirit world after the meal where he met the late Sir John, the former General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party(NPP).

He continued by saying that, Sir John asked him what he is doing here of which Dampare responded by saying he don’t but he was having a meal and he just found himself there. Rev. Evans said he heard Sir John telling Dampare that what they did to him is the same thing that has happened to him. Acccording to him, Sir John was poisoned.

He cautioned him to be very careful of this yuletide as people plan to eliminate it through food poisoning

Watch The Video below;

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