“Stay home, traveling abroad is a scam” – Norway borga advises

It is mostly a dream come through for everyone to travel abroad especially to the youths who are struggling in Africa.

They entirely have the mindset that this step will help them become successful in the future in a desperate attempt to find greener pastures.

But that is not really the case according to a Ghanaian man who has been living in Norway for a while.

Out of experience, he cautioned the youth not to rush to leave the country stating that there’s nothing special about travelling abroad.

He boldly stated that travelling abroad is a scam considering what he was told back home before he embarked on the journey.

Guys, stay in Ghana. Abrokyire be scam!!!

— AK⁶𓅓  (@uncleskinnyyyyy) October 27, 2021

His advice generated many reactions with others sharing the same experience.

Although the systems are relatively better than in most African countries, this man together with other experienced travellers believes it is rather better if Ghanaian youth stay home, build the country and shelf the idea of travelling abroad to make it.

Below are some of the comments

@JnrKnii wrote: Really that’s what you think right. I would rather be there to suffer and enjoy my Taxes rather than be here and suffer like a Slave without enjoying anything absolutely NOTHING..!!

@MrKwakuOfficial commented: Hmmm. It actually depends on the abrokyire especially UK. Life no dey there oo. It work then taxes s)). UK get plenty restrictions. But I hear different narratives from those in US, Canada and Germany. However, life abroad is 98% work. Just work and pay taxes till you die.

2 years ago dem arrest some Ghanaian lady I know in London. Her offence, she had 20,000 pounds in cash in her room. Them say make she take receipt come show say the 20,000 all be ein own. She dey buy watches cheap in UK, sells it in Ghana & converts to pounds.

Where she go get the receipts from. The restrictions for abroad be too much especially UK. It is in Ghana that you can dream big and say if I get money I go build house buy big car and tins That place, the carssmall, the roads small and the houses small. You go dream small.

@braniiblack1 wrote: Abrokyire be scam wey you still dey there. You’re complaining about too much work whilst Ghanaian youth are here unemployed. And you’re advising us to stay here unemployed. Kwasia. It’s because of work that’s why we go to Abrokyire, we don’t go there for fun Wai ofui

@QwesiAdepa wrote: Lol Aside job opportunities,Systems work there! Atleast u are guaranteed good Health infrastructure,housing and an environment to realise your potential to the core. That is not to say it is a glittering gold scenario, u have to work your socks off!

@goldcoastgana57 wrote: Lol, better to stay in a country where DEATH is not the cheapest commodity. After all humans are meant to work fend for the themselves and pay their taxes to develope the country. If you live in a country where your hardwork reflects in your life and system why worry.

@serickson_jnr commented: Pls forghet. I’ll love to be at a place where I have all the opportunities and be scammed. Than be in this same Ghana without opportunities and still be scammed. Because we’re still been scammed here by our leaders in office.

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