[HOT VIDEO]– JHS Student Causes Stir Online As She Tw3řķs On Camerà

JHS student gets stir online as she twĕřķs on camerä.

Most of youth seem de to have become addīcted to the use of social media and that seems to be what is affecting most of their actions lately.

There has been a lot of vide0s of our pre-tertiary students involving in an imm0ral act, most especially the girls involved in actions that may speak îlł of themselves and their schools, like sm0king, tw3rking, etc.

A trending video seen online, spotted another JHS fem@le student sh0wing her backs on c@mera to the publîçYou could notice that, she is in uniform which seemed like that of a Presbyterian scho000l.

This is not the first time, school authorities must rise in order to put a stop such things from happening.

Watch the Video below

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