[WATCH VIDEO]- Wife With Kid Catches Her Husband Marrying Another Woman

A video full of heart wärmîng scenes has surfaced on social media as wife with kid storms in Catholic Church upon seeing her husband marry another woman.

Per the video seen by the prying eyes of MYFRICHY.COM on social media, there was massive drama but heart warmïng scenes after a woman from nowhere came in to the church only for her actions to compel the Rev. Father who was blessing the marriage stop, as the woman was constantly saying with prove that the man was her husband.

In the video, the woman with her baby strapped at her back walked into the church auditorium and shouted on top of her voice that the man is her husband.

She said in the video that they did not divorce, separate, or even quarrel and that he even left their matrimonial home to the wedding ceremony that morning.

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The embarrassing part of the heart warming scene is that the woman remarked that she even has children with the man, so she cannot understand why he’s marrying another woman behind her back.

MyFrichy.com cannot confirm the exact location where this took place as at the time of filing this report.

Watch the heart warming and embarrassing video below:

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Source: MyFrichy.com

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