[H0T VIDEO]~ Lady s!àps boyfriend as he proposes marriage to her in public

Currently trending on social media is a now viral video of a lady sæpping a man after he publicly proposed to her.

When it comes to proposals, a lot of people often go out of their way to make it a perfect and memorable occasion and most importantly, to get a positive response.

While some people love private proposals, others often prefer the grandeur and euphoria that comes with having a public proposal.

For this man who recently proposed to his girlfriend however, a public proposal was clearly a bad idea.

While most ladies get excited after a man proposes Marriage to her, a lady has decided to sl@p her boyfriend for doing same.

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The two l0ve birds were on campus having a conversation when all of a sudden the young man went on down on one knee to propose to her.

Unfortunately for him however, his girlfriend wasn’t too enthused about the whole thing and instead of jumping for joy, she decided to give him a hefty sl@p on the cheek.

Out of embarrassment, the young man got up and walked away.

Watch the video below

Click Here To watch the sad video

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