We will destroy your marriage- TikTok star Asantewaa in trouble over her teenage pregnancy video– [WATCH]

TikTok star Asantewaa has landed herself in trouble over an advise she gave to the youth.

The nurse took to TikTok to advise young girls never to listen to single mother’s on TikTok on how proud they are to have given birth at young age out of wedlock.

According to Asantewaa, taking care of a baby as a single mother isn’t a joke so teenagers shouldn’t feel pressured to give birth because of what some single Mothers say on social media.

This advise hasn’t been taken lightly by some Ghanaian TikTok content creators who happen to be single mothers.

They view this advise a direct attack on them, thus have responded to Asantewaa angrily.

These people have threatened to ruin the beautiful marriage of Asantewaa because she doesn’t deserve to be married to a man from a wealthy family.

Watch the Video below;

One woman even swear to dig into her life and destroy her to her father inlaw.

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