[Watch Video]– Hajia4real goes swimming; causes traffic online with her bαnging body

Ghanaian socialite now-turned-musician Mona Montrage famed as Hajia4reall has caused another tongue-wagging moment online as she shares video of her swimming and dancing in the pool.

Hajia4Real undoubtedly has one of the most v0luptuous physiques in Ghana’s entertainment scene not forgetting the flawless and heart-melting beauty she exudes.

She knows how to capitalize on that to boost her craft. Hajia 4real has turned attention to her Instagram page with her new raunchy post of herself in the swimming pool.

In a post made by the singer on her Instagram, Hajia is seen feeling herself in the pool as she slowly turns her back to the camera and shαkes her heavily endowed backside ‘.

She scored the video post going viral on her Instagram with the caption: Hwan girl nie???

Watch the Video below;

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