Yen Gye Biom: Ghana Police Swear They Won’t Take Brîbés Again– (Watch VIDEO)

The Ghana Police Service is on an image redemption exercise under the leadership of new police boss Dr. George Akuffo Dampare.

The police over the years built a bad image with bribing, extortion and lukewarm attitude to work.

Under the leadership of the new Inspector General of Police, the service is gradually winning the heart of the public.

The police now have shuttle service which transports police officers and sometimes pedestrians they see on the road looking for transport.

One thing the public would wish the police get rid off is their bribery and extortion attitude.

In a video which has surfaced on the internet, the police pledge not to take bribe again.

In unison, a group of officers could be seen chanting “Yen Gye Biom” which translates to English as we won’t take gain.

Hopefully they stand by this pledge as drivers especially commercial ones are already tired of the extortion.

Watch the Video below:

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