[Watch Video]– Wendy Shay Trying To Entertain Fans By Breaking Her Waist To Shake Her A$$

Wendy Shay’s video of her breaking her waist while trying to entertain her fans at an event has some internet users wondering how far she’ll go with the waist breaking and a$$ shacking.

Wendy Shay’s new song needs you to break your waist while dancing to it, so when she performed the song at an event, she did her best to get her a$$ rocking while breaking her waist, which caught everyone’s attention.


Almost everyone there was more interested in how hard she tried to shake her a$$, which she eventually succeeded in doing for a few minutes, than in the song she was about to sing.

Some viewers praised her for being able to shake her a$$ this time, despite the fact that she had previously attempted to shake her a$$ by breaking her waist, which she had failed to do.

Watch the video below;

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