Watch the Moment man saved a lady from completely falling off a moving train while doing a TikTok challenge– [video]

A lady has been captured in a video as he was saved from getting crashed after falling off training while attempting to do a social media challenge.

The young lady was said to have been participating in a social media challenge trending on TikTok dubbed ‘Titanic Pose’ which has to do with leaning out a moving train and posing with your hands apart.

In the classic Titanic movie, Rose did something similar and now people are doing a challenge to it with train.

The young lady’s incident happened in Indonesia as her friend was filming her and he nearly got crashed.

The train was moving fast and an oncoming train caused her to lose grip on the train door she was holding but a male passenger saved her as she almost fell.

The man quickly grabbed her hand hence preventing her from falling off the train.

Watch the video below;

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