Watch: New Year Celebration Turns Bloody As 14 Dead While 5 Injured in Tricycle Accident

Just yesterday after New Year has been celebrated, the family of Ahanor mourned the death of four of their children, three boys, one girl. The incident occurred in Hohoe around the lolobi area.

According to Mr Matthew, the rider of the tricycle, Jacob, carried the children in a tricycle after the celebration of the new year.

He carried them in the tricycle just for fun, But when the table turned upside down, fun has developed into an accident, leading to the death of over 20 children.

The families of the other children complained bitterly over the demise of their children to City news. In the accident the rider also lost his life, only one child without death or injury and this is because when he saw the motion of the Tricycle he jumped quickly for me before it toppled off.

The father of the rider, Mr kweku is made to pay a huge sum of money over the incident, but the situation has got to the hand of the community Chiefs. We don’t currently know what is going to happen to Mr Kweku, but all we know is that, if the condition from the palace does not favour him, they will send the situation to court.

The burial Rites and funeral arrangements of the deceased would be announced when the time is due. As an individual, just remain prayerful because, this new year we’ve entered, no one knows how it is going to end so, just be prayerful and do the right thing to stay out of trouble and unwanted death.

Below are some pictures of the scene of the accident.

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