Good News As Government Releases ¢60 Million To Be Paid To Teachers For Intervention -Education Minister Confirmed

Dr. YAw Adutwum is Minister-designate for the Education Ministry

Government Releases ¢60 Million To Be Paid As Teachers Intervention for all the senior high schools teachers in the country.

The minister of Education, Honorable Yaw Adutwum has made a statement on GBC morning show program that seem good news to teachers in the country.

Per what our portal has gathered, it has been established that the news is longed waited for by teachers.

In more details, the minister of Education said he has signed for the release of ¢60 million for teachers to be paid.

This intervention here is an extra work teachers do in senior high schools to cover up the syllabus. It is often called “Extra classes”.

Since the commencement of free senior high schools, students seizes to pay any amount of money either school fees of classes fee.

The government is hereby ready to pay a total amount of ¢60 million to all senior high school teachers in the country.

Teachers have been expecting this money to be paid to them for several months now. The actual date or day of which the money will paid is currently unknown but the minister has signed for the release of such money to be paid to all SHS teachers in the country.

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