Man returns iPhone 13 Pro Max lady who isn’t his girlfriend gifted him for Valentine

A man has reportedly returned an expensive gift he received from a lady who likes him and probably wants them to be an item.

A friend to the man who shared the story on micro-blogging site, Twitter revealed that the girl gifted him an iPhone 13 Pro Max as Valentine’s gift but he rejected it.

The tweep with handle @oku_yungx said his friend returned the phone to her when they got into the car. He said the man did not want to lead her on since he is not interested in her to a point of wanting a relationship.

The tweet reads; ”So this lady got my guy a 13 pro max for Valentine last night. Man returned the phone back to her when they got into the car.

Apparently she isn’t what he wants and doesn’t want to fuel a thing!”

When a lady tweeted; ‘Wow, I love guys that knows what they want but the girl will surely be heartbroken and will feel bad💔 I hope she knows he did what is best for both of them’

@oku_yungx replied; ‘She cried but it is for the best’


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