[video]– “Women need to start thanking men for their sperm because it is what makes most of them beautiful without makeup” – Bus Counselor

A female bus counselor was captured on camera giving out advice to women in a bus that was on transit and her video has begun making rounds online.

The marriage counselor in the video is heard telling women during the trip that they need to be grateful to men after every intimate session because most women look beautiful without makeup because of the sperm they receive from men.

The lady who hails from Ghana further claims that sperms contain vitamin C which gives women a natural glow after each intimate session.

She went on to claim that virgins always look like dummies and act silly because they haven’t tasted the forbidden fruit yet.

The lady shared that she is a mother of 7 healthy kids who likes it any time her husband is “cumming”, urged men to keep giving it to the ladies anytime they want it. 

Watch the video below;

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