Wild Coffin Display After Crane Operator Dies At Tarkwa– (VIDEO)

Wild Coffin Display After Crane Operator Dies At Tarkwa

A video making rounds on social media has got many confused and perturbed after some friends of a fallen crane operator decided to bid him farewell in an amusing way.

Prior to his death, the deceased used to work as a crane operator, hence his friends and co-workers decided to pay their last respects in an acrobatic style.

With the video making rounds on social media, some of his mourning co-workers tied a wire rope around his coffin, which was further linked to the load hook of a crane vehicle.

The men then got the coffin airborne with many hanging on to it as they dance in the air to honour their departed brother.

The video has since been fast circulating on social media though many deemed it dangerous because it was risky and could have resulted in one getting seriously injured or dead.

Nonetheless, a Tiktoker, who goes by the name Wiredu Stephen, captured the moments on his page.

Check out the videos below

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