Massive Drama As Macho Man Fights Police Officers, Throws One Into Gutter; Video Goes Viral -WATCH

A macho man fights off officers and flings one into gutter after they stopped him and tried to force him out of his car.

In Africa , many people seem to have lost faith in uniformed men despite the common term that police is our friend.

For this reason, a lot of men and women in uniform are disregarded especially if they are doing something illegal or trying to cheat an individual.

Some policemen and women have become a thorn in the flesh of public transport drivers as they use every opportunity to bill and extort them.

Many drivers already seem fed up of this act and they take things into their own hands.

Just recently, A motorist was filmed fighting off uniformed men who stopped him and tried to force him out of his car.

In the short clip, currently making waves on the internet, three uniformed men are seen holding open the man’s car door.

The man then angrily exits his car and attacks the officers, pushing two of them at once.

Watch the Video below;

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