Talensi: Deaths of 10 teachers in 5 months raise questions

Martin Ajono Adonis, the Bolgatanga Municipal Secretary of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), has voiced extreme worry over the current incidence of teacher deaths.

According to him, the Talensi District saw the deaths of ten (10) teachers in just five (5) months.

Speaking on A1Radio as part of the celebrations for World Teachers’ Day in 2022, he stated the recent death toll among Association members has caused major health concerns.

“The incidence of our members’ deaths is too worrying, and the state of their health in the district is too worrisome, too.

Because Talensi saw (ten) 10 teacher deaths in just five (5) months, our Regional Chairman saw it as necessary,”

According to Mr. Adonis, a mobile clinic has been established by the Upper East Regional GNAT chapter in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service to further health education.

“However, the regional GNAT Chairman, the Regional Secretary, and the Council decided that we needed to take action,”

“It’s noteworthy if ten (10) teachers pass away in one local within five (5) months. Therefore, the area has established a program we call Mobile Clinic, and we wish to collaborate with the Ghana Health Service to provide health education,”

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“At the Ghana Sweden Cancer Center, which GNAT has nationwide acquired, any GNAT member who suffers from cancer is eligible to get free treatment,” Martin Ajono Adonis added.

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