Just In: GCB gives urgent information to its customers nationwide– [Check Out]

The Management of Ghana Commercial Bank Public Liability Company in three (3) flyers shared on twitter has given a quick notice to its customers about the activities of fraudsters.

Most customers have recently been affected by the activities of fraudsters which the bank finds it worrisome. Following this, the bank in three (3) flyers has given cybersecurity tips customers and the general public can use to avoid being scammed by these fraudsters. The tips shared are;

1. Ask questions and probe further. Fraudsters are trained to sound very convincing.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to verify the legitimacy of a call.

3. Pay close attention to emails and text messages received.

Check for grammar or spacing errors. Fraudsters are always finding new ways to gain unauthorized access to our personal and financial information.

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We need to be vigilant about their latest activities in order to protect ourselves.

4. Be skeptical when you receive messages from any sender. GBC Bank PLC will never ask for your One Time Password (OTP), and PIN via call, text or email.

The bank urges its customers and the general public to adhere to these tips to avoid problems.

Find attached copies of the flyers below;

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