GES BIOMETRIC REGISTRATION: Confirmed Particulars you need to have – CHECK OUT

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has started releasing the 6th batch of Staff IDs for newly recruited teachers across the country to go for their biometric registration.

This process is to collect the bio-information on all newly posted teachers through the live capturing of their Fingerprints, photographs, and live signatures in its prying character has convened all the confirmed particulars that you may need to utter the biometric registration process.

Updated: GES Releases 6th batch of Staff IDs biometric registration for newly recruited teachers– Check December Regional List

Below is the list of particulars needed for the Biometric Registration

  • National ID ie. Ghana Card:
  • Assumption of duty letter:
  • Original appointment letter
  • Recruitment form (to be given by the district)
  • New Entrant form (from your school)
  • Introductory letter (to be given by the district)

You’ll provide the below basic details too

  • Your name:
  • District:
  • Staff ID:
  • Contact:
  • Name of school posted to:
  • SSNIT number:
  • SSNIT card:
  • Name of bank:
  • Account number:
  • Branch:

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