GTLE 2023: NTC Announces Date To Conduct 2023 Licensure Examination

The NTC Announces Date To Conduct the 2023 Licensure Examination.

The management of the National Teaching Council (NTC) has announced a new date for the conduct of the 2023 edition of the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE).

The 2023 edtion of the GTLE is likely to be written in June/July, according to the management.


The management of the NTC speaking at an induction ceremony organised for newly trained teachers from the Colleges of Education disclosed this, as followed by

On this note, the NTC decided to implement new reforms that will help improve the conduct of the examination and deal with the current challenges and future challenges expected under the new reform.

The three papers, Numeracy, Literacy, Essential Skills will be put together in one paper called General Paper.

Two other papers will be added. We have the Related Pedagogy and Teaching Subject Based paper.

The pedagogy has to do with the arts, the science and profession of teaching. It examines the styles, feedback, assessments and the different methods of teaching.

Teaching Subject Based paper, will examine the proficiency of teachers in their areas of specialization. Each of the subject or each of the specialization has its own proficiency and this particular paper is to ensure that the teacher has the proficiency in this particular specialization.

These reforms are to take effect from 2023. This means that the first edition of the examination in 2023 will start with these new reforms.


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