CAGD Latest Updates On Salary Validation, Promotion, Upgrading, Arrears Issues, and Allowance Payments

New and reliable information from The Controller and Accountant-General’s Department (CAGD) on March Salary Validation Update, Promotion, Upgrading, Arrears Issues, and Allowance Payments are in.

We can confirm that the portal for validation has been opened and staff members of the various public institutions are required to visit the portal to validate their salaries etc. for the month.

Teachers who have been looking forward to their promotion and its reflection on their payrolls can now breathe a sigh of relief. The Ghana Education Service has affected the promotion of qualified teachers to their new ranks.

Non-teaching staff of the Ghana Education Service has also been promoted accordingly.

Teachers Upgrade Update

Teachers who have acquired new recognized degrees and qualifications from the various universities have also been upgraded to their new ranks and pay. Note that only teachers who were eligible for the upgrade will see their new level or grade on their payroll. In that regard, teachers upgraded are those who were previously in the positions of Senior Superintendent II and I and were had a Basic Education Diploma professional qualification.

Again, some teachers who applied for upgrade in March 2023 for the position of Principal Superintendent (PS) have been upgraded accordingly.

GES Staff Arrears Update

Teachers who sought for an upgrade in January 2023 were not approved, hence the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department (CAGD) did not pay the arrears to the teachers, although a statement was released by the CAGD earlier that the said arrears were going to be credited to the affected teachers in February.

The information available on this portal is that only a handful of teachers received their arrears.

Those who are yet to see their arrears reflected on their payslips are advised to look forward to the areas in the coming months

Teachers Allowance Payment

The teacher’s Responsibility Allowances have been activated for payment from March 2023. Teachers assigned extra duties or responsibilities by the Ghana Education Service are expected to be remunerated for the extra service they offer if the service has an additional responsibility allowance attached to the duty.


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