I couldn’t remember my lyrics at the sight of Kuami Eugene, he’s my crush– Afua Asantewaa

Afua Asantewaa who is waiting for her attempted record for longest singing to be confirmed by GWR has disclosed in a fresh interview that, Kuami Eugene is her celebrity crush.

She said this in an interview with Joy Prime and explained that it was the reason why she performed most songs of Kuami Eugene during her singathon.

According to Afua Asantewaa, she’s so fond of Kuami Eugene and so when the Rockstar visited her at the Akwaaba village during her singathon performance she was mesmerized and suddenly forgot her lyrics.

“I said that guy came and I could not remember my lyrics. I said ‘this guy has worried me.’ If Guinness people don’t give me the record, it’s Kuami Eugene,” she  told the host, IB.

She went on to add that her husband knows Kuami Eugene is her crush 

“My husband knows. So when he got there I said ‘Kuami you have worried me. You shouldn’t have come. I sang ‘Asuoden’ and you know his rap comes after. As I stood there, I did everything I couldn’t remember,” she further noted. 

Afua Asantewaa is awaiting confirmation for her record after singing for 5 days at the Akwaaba village which started on midnight of 24th December 2023. She received heavy support with several celebrities visiting the venue to offer their support including even the vice President, Dr. Bawumia.

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